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Florida Home Economics Association Collection


The Florida Home Economics Association (FHEA), whose goal was "the development and promotion of standards of home living that will be satisfying and developing to the individual and profitable to society," first met on November 28, 1919. The FHEA was founded as an affiliate of the American Home Economics Association (AHEA), formed in 1908. According to its Constitution, the FHEA was to reach its goal "by the study of problems connected with the family and the institutional household; by improving and extending home economics instruction in schools and colleges and in adult education programs; by improving professional education for all home economists by encouraging and aiding investigation and research in problems of home economics, and by issuing publications and holding meetings through which there may be wider and better understanding of the value of home economics interests."

This digital collection only holds a portion of the physical collection. Please see the collection's finding aid for more information.