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Castro Archaeological Site Collection


The Castro site (8Le151) is located in Leon County, Florida and dates to the Spanish Mission period (ca. 1656-1704). FSU faculty and students conducted excavations at the Castro site in 2000, 2001, and 2002. The majority of the work was geared toward understanding the layout and settlement pattern of the site. The work specifically focused on locating mission-related buildings such as a church and convento.

In 1968, Calvin Jones, then the State Archaeologist for Florida, first recorded the location as a mission site based on the presence of Spanish artifacts. The subsequent survey and excavations directed by FSU Anthropology Professor Dr. Rochelle Marrinan, resulted in the recovery and identification of indigenous artifacts and additional Mission period artifacts and features. This site is likely the location of Santa Cruz de Capoli, but to date the church has not been located.

Materials included in this digital collection are for research purposes only and not a part of the official University Archives. Any requests for reproductions or to view these materials must be made directly to the Department of Anthropology. These materials may be copyrighted by FSU.