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child's ABC of the war
Valour and vision
Swollen-headed William
book of Princeton verse II, 1919
Poems and songs of patriotism and war
Our glorious heritage
A fleeting vision, and other poems
Twenty poems
Petition to the Deil: and other war verses
Britain to America: a war poem
Schoolboys and exiles
Hit by the war
In war and peace: songs of a Scotswoman
A sough o' war
First poems
England's boys
A thousand strong and other war verses
Swords and flutes
Fairyland in 1918, and other poems
Verse and drivel
War sonnets and songs
Rhymes of the rookies: sunny side of soldier service
Ditties from a ditty bag : : and War-time memories
Memorial poems
New Joan
crown of amaranth
Verse and prose in peace and war
The poems of Robert W. Sterling
Girl's own annual