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A Dentist Working on another Man's Mouth
A Group of Women with a Campfire in the Background
A Woman Lying Next to a Dog and Three Women in the Background
Couple Kissing in Fancy Attire
Decorations for a Dance, Interior of Armory, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland
Ermine Lawrence
Five Men, a Woman, and a Child Posing in front of Trees
Five Women on a Lawn
Four Men Standing to the Side of a Car
Group of Women Outside of a Building
Group of Women Partially Standing Under a Shelter
Group of Women Standing on Stairs in front of House
Group of Women with Two Men in Front of Houses
House with Trees in Yard
Large Group of Men and Women Standing and Crouching in Front of House
Large Group of Women in Front Lawn of House
Looking Across Smoke Park, Showing Seaward Terrace of Bancroft Hall, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland
Man and Woman Sitting under Palm Trees
Man in Suit Sleeping on a Bench
Man Posing for Another Man with a Camera
Man Sitting with Alligators
Men and Women Standing Across the Street from a House
Nine Women Standing Together
Portrait of a Woman
Regiment of Midshipmen Dress Parade
Regiment of Servicement at Dress Parade
Six Unidentified Women Posing on F.S.C.W. Campus
Smiling Dentist Posing with Patient
Structures on Campus
Three Men Standing Together
Three Men Standing Together
Three Women
Three Women in Caps and Gowns
Three Women on Horses Outside of a Stable
Two Men Sitting on Railing in Front of a Body of Water