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[Banknote, 85 -“ 84 BCE]
[Banknote, 85 December 31 BCE, of Hippalos]
[Banknote, 85 January 2 BCE]
[Banknote, 85 May 26 BCE, of Hippalos to his banker]
[Banknote, 85 September 27 BCE, of Theon son of Ph... to Protarchos]
[Banknote, 86 – 85 BCE]
[Banknote, 86 May 8 BCE, of Ptolemaios son of Hestieios to Protarchos, banker]
[Banknote, 86 October 13 BCE, of Eirenaios to Protarchos, banker]
[Banknote, 86 September 30 BCE, of Apellas... to Protarchos, banker]
[Banknote, 87 - 84 BCE, of Herakleides son of Epiodoros to Protarchos son of Herakleides]
[Banknote, 87 – 84 BCE]
[Banknote, 87 – 84 BCE]
[Banknote, 87 – 84 BCE]
[Banknote, 87 - 86 BCE, of Phanias son of Ptolemaios to Protarchos, banker]
[Banknote, 87 March 13 – April 11 BCE, of Helleokles to Protarchos, banker]
[Banknote, 87 May 25 or June 24 BCE, of Sosigenes to Protarchos, banker]
An Egyptian Shäduf Lifting Water on the Upper Nile, Egypt.
Birth control as a method for raising the standard of living in Egypt
Egyptian Musicians
Egyptian Temple
Interior of Mosque, Kabatiyeh, Cairo, Egypt.
Le Caire et Tombeau des rois (Égypte).
The Arab's Shibriyeh--A Home on the Desert, Egypt.
The great dam across the Nile at Assuan--the most gigantic masonry of modern times--Egypt.
Water wheels turned by flow of Joseph's canal lift water for irrigation, The Fayum.