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Enriching consumer health vocabulary through mining a social Q&A site
IRTs of the ABCs
Bidirectional relations between phonological awareness and letter knowledge in preschool revisited
Lexical leverage
Core vocabulary in written personal narratives of school-age children.
Preliminary Analysis of Difficulty of Importing Pattern-Based Concepts into the National Cancer Institute Thesaurus.
Semantic Structure in Vocabulary Knowledge Interacts With Lexical and Sentence Processing in Infancy.
Evaluating the dimensionality of first-grade written composition.
Patterns of experience with verbs affect long-term cumulative structural priming.
Developmental relations between vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension
Quantile Regression Approach to Understanding the Relations Among Morphological Awareness, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension in Adult Basic Education Students.
Perceiving the Usefulness of the National Cancer Institute Metathesaurus for Enriching NCIt with Topological Patterns.
Developing word attack skills
Topological-Pattern-Based Recommendation of UMLS Concepts for National Cancer Institute Thesaurus.
synthesis of read-aloud interventions on early reading outcomes among preschool through third graders at risk for reading difficulties.
Dialect variation and reading
relation between vocabulary and mental age of a rural white population
relation of linguistic awareness and vocabulary to word reading and spelling for first-grade students participating in response to intervention.
Identifying learning patterns of children at risk for Specific Reading Disability.
Predictive validity of the get ready to read! Screener