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Perceptual Learning of Dysarthric Speech
Naturalistic Sampling and Narrative Retells
Using App-Based Organizational Strategies to Promote Neurodiverse and Typical Students' Success
Teachers' and Speech-Language Pathologists' Perceptions of and Responses to Students' African American English Use within Academic Settings
Language Input Intervention
Examining Oral Reading and Reading Comprehension in Aphasia
Familiarization of Dysarthric Speech Generalization between Speakers of Different Sex
Associations among Child Gestures and Developmental Outcomes in Toddlers with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder during a Home Observation
Facilitating Vocabulary Acquisition of Children with Cochlear Implants Using Electronic Storybooks
Capitalizing on Protective Factors
Case Study of a Psycholinguistic Approach to Assessment and Treatment of Speech Sound Disorder
Provider and Caregiver Reflections during Early Intervention Caregiver Coaching Sessions
Investigation of Pulse Oximetry (PO) Levels during Swallowing in Healthy Adults and Individuals with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Developing a Conceptual Framework for Adolescent Vocabulary Intervention
Effects of Lexical Cognitive Loading on Parameters of Gait in Neurotypical Older Adults
Reading Comprehension in Grade Three as a Function of Child, Item, and Passage Characteristics
Predicting Intelligibility Gains in Individuals With Dysarthria From Baseline Speech Features.
Comparison of Gender Assignment in School-Age Spanish-English Bilingual Children from North and South Florida
Predicting Intelligibility Gains in Dysarthria Through Automated Speech Feature Analysis.
Development of oral reading fluency in children with speech or language impairments
Neural preservation underlies speech improvement from auditory deprivation in young cochlear implant recipients.
two year study of speech instruction of a group of children in Jackson Heights School