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Who Saves the Animated World?
Women's Early Career Goals and Attainments at Midlife
Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Situational and Social Threat and the Labeling of Convicted Felons
Altering Bodies, Transforming Selves
Limitations and Possibilities of a Production
Development of the Eating Behaviors and Attitudes Inventory (EBAI)
Preliminary Validation of the Eating Behaviors and Attitudes Inventory (EBAI)
Exploring dimensionality of effortful control using hot and cool tasks in a sample of preschool children.
Gender and Genre
Gender and Media Studies
Looking behind the score
Ethnicity, Education, and the Temporal Stability of Personality Traits In the East          Baltimore Epidemiologic Catchment Area Study
Trait Anger and Partner-Specific Anger Management Moderate the Temporal Association Between Alcohol Use and Dating Violence.
Constructing a Historiography of Mexican Women and Gender
Anxiety sensitivity mediates gender differences in post-concussive symptoms in a clinical sample.
Is hyperactivity ubiquitous in ADHD or dependent on environmental demands? Evidence from meta-analysis.
Psychometric evaluation of the Barriers to Cessation Scale.
Sex Differences in Effects of Ketamine on Behavior, Spine Density, and Synaptic Proteins in Socially Isolated Rats.
Reinforcing properties of an intermittent, low dose of ketamine in rats
Blake's and Shelley's Reader Responses to Milton's Satan in <em>Paradise          Lost</em>
Caregiver perceptions of childhood weight
Testosterone and imipramine have antidepressant effects in socially isolated male but not female rats.
Sex differences in social interaction in rats