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Gender Differences in Reading Impairment and in the Identification of Impaired Readers
Is hyperactivity ubiquitous in ADHD or dependent on environmental demands? Evidence from meta-analysis.
Psychometric evaluation of the Barriers to Cessation Scale.
Tensile biomechanical properties of human temporomandibular joint disc
Exploring dimensionality of effortful control using hot and cool tasks in a sample of preschool children.
Hedonic sensitivity to low-dose ketamine is modulated by gonadal hormones in a sex-dependent manner.
Trait Anger and Partner-Specific Anger Management Moderate the Temporal Association Between Alcohol Use and Dating Violence.
Caregiver perceptions of childhood weight
Anxiety sensitivity mediates gender differences in post-concussive symptoms in a clinical sample.
Male-specific Fruitless isoforms have different regulatory roles conferred by distinct zinc finger DNA binding domains.
Reinforcing properties of an intermittent, low dose of ketamine in rats