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Knowledge-Based View of International Acquisition Performance
Retention of Acquired Board Members and Implications for Post- Acquisition Performance
Nature and Effects of Informal Accountability for Others
Experimental Investigation of Abusive Supervision as an Emotional Reaction to Injustice
Affective Morality
Comparison of Three Approaches to Confidence Interval Estimation for Coefficient Omega
Expanding the Boundaries of Behavioral Integrity in Organizations
Empirical Investigation of Factors Affecting Organizational Adoption of Virtual Worlds
Effect of Environmental Stressors on Anxiety-like Behavior Assessed in Two Distinct          Behavioral Tests
Comparing Reading Skills and Eye Movement Behavior of Low-Skilled Adult Readers and Typically Developing Child Readers
Reading Comprehension in Grade Three as a Function of Child, Item, and Passage Characteristics
Moderating Role of Work Drive on Politics Perceptions-Work Outcome          Relationships
Validation of the English Language Version of the Teacher Self-Regulation Scale for U.S. K-12 Teachers
Chronic Inflammation and Quality of Life in Older Adults