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A comparative analysis of measures of family system concepts
Multidimensional equating
The neurobehavioral cognitive status examination with alcohol dependent inpatients
The development of a childhood stress inventory: Establishing reliability, validity, and normality
Validation of a computer-administered instrument for the repeated measurement of depression
A comparison of two diagnostic methods for overcontrolled hostility
Self-complexity and the prediction of dysphoria: Toward the identification of a cognitive vulnerability to depression
Comparison of Three Approaches to Confidence Interval Estimation for Coefficient Omega
Comparing Reading Skills and Eye Movement Behavior of Low-Skilled Adult Readers and Typically Developing Child Readers
An exploration of the warp factor in Galileo theory as a measure of cognitive dissonance
The development and evaluation of a scale to measure organizational attributional style
Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer's type and Multi-Infarct Dementia: A clinical comparison
A comparison between computer and clinician administered psychological assessment interviews: Effects on social desirability response bias
Status consumption: The development and implications of a scale measuring the motivation to consume for status
An attributional analysis of learned helplessness in an organization: A field study using a multimethod approach
Psychometric characteristics of a phonological processing battery
Child report of sexual abuse treatment effectiveness: Development of a rapid assessment instrument
The effects of the computer assessor on social desirability response bias
Reading Comprehension in Grade Three as a Function of Child, Item, and Passage Characteristics
Neuropsychological functioning, sleep and vigilance in men with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome treated with continuous positive airway pressure
Identification of self-mutilative behavior using selected measures from the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2
Validation of the English Language Version of the Teacher Self-Regulation Scale for U.S. K-12 Teachers
Examining the Factor Structure and Structural Invariance of the PANAS Across Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults.
Commentary on two classroom observation systems
Psychometric analysis of the Systematic Observation of Red Flags for autism spectrum disorder in toddlers.
Evidence of a prominent genetic basis for associations between psychoneurometric traits and common mental disorders.
Psychometric evaluation of the Barriers to Cessation Scale.
Cross-informant symptoms from CBCL, TRF, and YSR
Predictive validity of the get ready to read! Screener
Floor effects associated with universal screening and their impact on the early identification of reading disabilities.
Observed and Parent-Report Measures of Social Communication in Toddlers With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorder Across Race/Ethnicity.