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A study of the curtural patterns which may influence the psychometric patters of the Wechsler-Bellevue measurement of adult intelligence.
Effect of past experience and cognitive style in solving insight problems
study of selected characteristics of college students in relation to the certainty of their occupational choice
Relationship between Certification Pathways and Teacher Effectiveness for Beginning and Experienced Teachers in Florida
Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Expectation-Maximization (EM) Algorithm for Bayesian Network Calibration
Within Study Dependence in Meta-Analysis
Using Partially Observed Markov Decision Processes (POMDPs) to Implement a Response to Intervention (RTI) Framework for Early                 Reading
development of the Columbia Mental Maturity Scale and its use with mentally deficient children
An investigation of relationships among self-confidence, self-efficacy, competitive anxiety, and sport performance
Assessing operant training potential
Self-regulatory learning processes and academic achievement of high-risk students in higher education
The effects of a testwiseness training program on college students' Nelson-Denny Reading Test performance
Assessing Job Negotiation Competencies of College Students Using Evidence-Centered Design and Branching Simulations
An empirical evaluation of a model to determine the relationship between learners' attitudes toward instruction and learners' acquisition of verbal information and intellectual skills
The effects of prior strategy use, motivation, and locus-of-control when using embedded cognitive strategies in daily work and posttest performance for minority students
Performance of Cart-Based Value-Added Model Against Hlm, Multiple Regression, and Student Growth Percentile Value-Added Models
Integration of Automated Essay Scoring Systems into the Equating Process for Mixed-Format Tests
study of the personality adjustment of one hundred thirty-five seventh grade youngsters in a certain junior high school in south Florida by means of the California test of personality
Some techniques of appraisal with emphasis on the sociogram, anecdotal record, and interest inventory as used in a third grade
Exploring dimensionality of effortful control using hot and cool tasks in a sample of preschool children.
Referral bias in teachers' nomination of Black and White elementary school children for gifted evaluations
Computer-assisted instruction to prevent early reading difficulties in students at risk for dyslexia
Examining the Factor Structure and Structural Invariance of the PANAS Across Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults.
Cognitive learning styles: An investigation into the validity of cognitive style measures as predictors of learning
componential model of reading
Relations among student attention behaviors, teacher practices, and beginning word reading skill.
Inattention, hyperactivity, and emergent literacy
Evidence of a prominent genetic basis for associations between psychoneurometric traits and common mental disorders.
Does Knowing Hurt? Perceiving Oneself as Overweight Predicts Future Physical Health and Well-Being.
Identifying Children at Risk for Language Impairment or Dyslexia With Group-Administered Measures.
Lexical decision as an endophenotype for reading comprehension
Reading and a diffusion model analysis of reaction time.
Psychometric analysis of the Systematic Observation of Red Flags for autism spectrum disorder in toddlers.
Observed and Parent-Report Measures of Social Communication in Toddlers With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorder Across Race/Ethnicity.
My Child Is Islet Autoantibody Positive
Factor structure and aetiological architecture of the BRIEF
Examining the dimensionality of effortful control in preschool children and its relation to academic and socioemotional indicators.
Externalizing proneness and brain response during pre-cuing and viewing of emotional pictures.
Anxiety sensitivity profile
Personality traits and risk of cognitive impairment and dementia.
In search of the perfect phenotype
Bilateral lesions in a specific subregion of posterior insular cortex impair conditioned taste aversion expression in rats.