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Phonics as an aid to independent first-grade reading
Learning letter names and sounds
Comparing two forms of dynamic assessment and traditional assessment of preschool phonological awareness.
Bidirectional relations between phonological awareness and letter knowledge in preschool revisited
Does visual speech information affect word segmentation?
Gender and agreement processing in children with developmental language disorder.
Genetic influence on literacy constructs in kindergarten and first grade
Evaluating the components of an emergent literacy intervention for preschool children at risk for reading difficulties.
Spelling well despite developmental language disorder
relation of linguistic awareness and vocabulary to word reading and spelling for first-grade students participating in response to intervention.
Same or different? Insights into the etiology of phonological awareness and rapid naming.
Assessing Vowel Centralization in Dysarthria
Attentional but not pre-attentive neural measures of auditory discrimination are atypical in children with developmental language disorder.
Predictive validity of the get ready to read! Screener
In search of the perfect phenotype