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At the height of fashion
Genetic variants associated with subjective well-being, depressive symptoms, and neuroticism identified through genome-wide analyses.
Advancing behavioural genomics by considering timescale.
Exploring how nature and nurture affect the development of reading
Human Facial Shape and Size Heritability and Genetic Correlations.
Critical Evaluation of the Down Syndrome Diagnosis for LB1, Type Specimen of Homo floresiensis.
Mutation-Driven Parallel Evolution during Viral Adaptation.
Evidence of a prominent genetic basis for associations between psychoneurometric traits and common mental disorders.
Examination of Dynamic Gene Expression Changes in the Mouse Brain During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period.
Managing inflammation after spinal cord injury through manipulation of macrophage function.
Searching for Potocki-Lupski syndrome phenotype
Genome-Wide Association Study Reveals Multiple Loci Influencing Normal Human Facial Morphology.
Behavior, brain, and genome in genomic disorders
Identification of Genes in  that Are Haploinsufficient for Overcoming Amino Acid Starvation.
application of the elastic net for an endophenotype analysis.
Replicating Large Genomes
Genomewide Association Study of African Children Identifies Association of SCHIP1 and PDE8A with Facial Size and Shape.
mA pathway facilitates sex determination in Drosophila.
Quantitative Morphological Variation in the Developing  Wing.
Phylogenomics uncovers early hybridization and adaptive loci shaping the radiation of Lake Tanganyika cichlid fishes.
Sliding of centrosome-unattached microtubules defines key features of neuronal phenotype.
In search of the perfect phenotype
Intracellular linkers are involved in Mg2+-dependent modulation of the Eag potassium channel.
Inhibition of 14-3-3 Proteins Leads to Schizophrenia-Related Behavioral Phenotypes and Synaptic Defects in Mice.
Phosphatase 2A negatively regulates mitotic exit in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.