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Containment in the Soft Underbelly
Battle of Natural Bridge
Art of Deception
How the Common Grunt and Prostitute Changed Military Policy
French Thought and the American Military Mind
Military Career of General François-Êtienne Kellermann
Naples of America"
Worke Wee May Doe in the World" the Western Design and the Anglo-Spanish Struggle for the Caribbean, 1654-1655
Letter to N.W. Eppes from The Confederate Publishing Co,
Letter of Aponius Didymianus
Letter to Theon
Letter of a soldier
Letter of a decurion to a curator
O.Florida inv. 21
Letter to Elianus the curator
Letter of Herennius
Letter to a curator
Letter to a mother
Letter of Alexandros
Letter to a curator
Receipt for money
List of guards
Private letter
Letter of the decurion Tullius
Letter to Baebius Severius
List of contributers
Furlough pass
List of names
List of watchtower guards
Private letter
Letter of Anto[n - -
Letter from Mettius
Fragment of a Latin letter
Fragment of a Latin letter
Letter of Publius to his son
Letter of Maximus
Letter of Sentis to Proclus
Letter of Claudius Archibios
Letter of Mevianus to Harpochras
Letter of a decurian
Bickering Brass
Letter to Mr. Turner from M. de Baer, 29th April, 1946
Letter to Dr. de Baer from J.W.C. Turner, 3 May, 1946
Far from fields of glory
Announcement of the Confederate Soldier in the Civil War, 1861-1865: The only official illustrated Confederate history ever published, and the greatest war book of modern times.
The Story of the "General"
Capt. John Yates Beall.