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What Treatments Are Effective for Nickel Allergy?
Prevention of Hypertension and Diabetes in Ghana
Does Dietary Fat Reduction Alter the Risk of Cardiovascular Events in Women?
Racial Disparities in Infant Health
Communities Committed to Underserved Care
Washing Feet and Clipping Toenails
Successful Reorganization of an Interdisciplinary Underserved Practice
Racial Disparity in the Associations of Microalbuminuria and Macroalbuminuria with Odds          of Hypertension
Minority Adolescent Perceptions of Perceived Risk of Hearing Loss and Hearing          Conservation Measures
Predicting Fruit and Vegetable Intake with the Theory of Planned Behavior
Four Years of Group Visits Treating Obesity in an Under Served Urban Community
Inner City Community Oriented Primary Care to Improve Medical Student Skills and Combat          Obesity
Mobile Health Unit for Obesity Education
Are Group Visits Effective for the Treatment of Obesity?
What Health Education Interventions Reduce the Progression of Prediabetes to Overt          Diabetes in High-Risk Groups?
Weighted down
Mother's Decision Making Power, Attitudes about Self, and Child Health
Importance of Time and Place
Beyond the Body Burden
Brotherhood University
Institutional Politics, Power Constellations, and Urban Social Sustainability
Worship Service Attendance, Physical Limitations, and the Successful Aging of Mexican American Elders
Association Between Marital Status and Health
Optimal management of type 2 diabetes in patients with increased risk of          hypoglycemia
Improving treatments and outcomes