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How Geogebra Contributes to Middle Grade Algebra I Students' Conceptual Understanding of Functions
study of interactions between "Structure-of-Intellect" factors and two methods of presenting concepts of modulus seven arithemetic
Development, Validation, and Use of an Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Introductory Linear Algebra Classes
Connecting Disciplinary and Pedagogical Spaces in Statistics
Effects of a Mathematics Vocabulary Tutoring Intervention
Further analysis of test data
comparison of verbal and nonverbal instruction in elementary school mathematics
comparison of two types of eighth grade mathematical training
How can the mathematics teacher interpret "meaning"?
effect of the knowledge of logic in proving mathematical theorems in the context of mathematical induction
investigation of the effect of instruction in the structure of problem-solving strategies on students' performance
study of the prediction of achievement in some topics in college freshman mathematics from measures of "structure-of-intellect" factors
experiment to compare the effectiveness of instruction versus discovery in generalizing the strategy of a simple game
Using Number Talks with Supports to Increase the Early Number Sense Skills of Preschool Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Investigation into College Mathematics in a Florida State College Pre-and Post-Optional Developmental Education Legislation
Using history in the teaching of mathematics
language of mathematics
study of the general mathematics program in the secondary school
mathematics teacher uses sports
proposed plan for guiding learning experiences of eighth grade pupils in mathematics
Influence of RET's on Elementary and Secondary Teachers'          Views of Scientific Inquiry
Mathematics Formative Assessment System
proposed plan for the use of the mathematics portion of the ninth grade testing program
Acknowledging the Religious Beliefs Students Bring into the Science Classroom
Understanding the Induction of a Science Teacher
Making arithmetic meaningful to young children
value of socialized arithmetic drills and tests as positive factors in personality development
role of pictures in first grade children's perception of mathematical relationships
Interactions between spatial and verbal abilities and two methods of presenting modulus seven arithmetic
Inductive discovery learning, reception learning, and formal verbalization of mathematical concepts
development and testing of a teach-test instrument for prediction of success in college freshman mathematics
Effects of Game-Based Learning in an Opensim-Supported Virtual Environment for Mathematical Performance
Elementary and Special Education Pre-Service Teachers' Self-Efficacy Beliefs about Teaching Mathematics and Science to Students with Autism
Effects of Representation Format in Problem Representation on Qualitative Understanding and Quantitative Proficiency in a                 Learning Game Context
attempt to establish a test in algebraic language as a criterion with respect to the difficulty of the items
Florida Middle School Teachers' Perspective on and Preparedness for the Common Core          State Standards in Mathematics
Construction and Implementation of a Bench-Top Aquaponic System as a Context for Teaching Science in Secondary Schools
Democracy and Political Islam
exploratory study of the effectiveness of computer graphic and simulations in a computer-student interactive environment in illustrating random sampling and the central limit theorem
Failed State of Enterprise