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Age, Growth, and Reproductive Biology of Cownose Rays in Chesapeake Bay
Movement Patterns and Habitat Use of Smalltooth Sawfish, Pristis Pectinata, Determined          Using Pop-up Satellite Archival Tags
Cownose Ray (Rhinoptera Bonasus) Predation Relative to Bivalve Ontogeny
Life History, Diet, and Reproductive Dynamics of the Sheepshead (Archosargus Probatocephalus) in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Acclimation of Red Tide Dinoflagellate Karenia Brevis to Higher Temperatures Results in Abnormal Morphology and Changes in Growth             Rates
Recruitment and Community Development on Ceramic Tiles on Floating versus Non-Floating Docks in Dickerson Bay
Influences of the Local Climate on Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Hatchling Output
Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Phytoplankton Distribution in a River-Dominated Estuary, Apalachicola Bay, Florida
Impacts of Microbial Community Structure on Denitrification Rates in the Rhizosphere of J. Roemerianus and S. Alterniflora in a Gulf of Mexico Mixed Marsh
Degradation of Deepwater Horizon Oil Buried in Beach, Shelf and Slope Sediments of the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Deep-Sea Ecosystem
Quantifying Spatiotemporal Variability in Zooplankton Dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico Using a Physical-Biogeochemical Model
Sexually Dimorphic Morphological Characters in Five North Atlantic Deepwater Skates          (Chondrichthyes
Sponge Regeneration and Food Abundance
Feeding Ecology of Two Species of Holopelagic Munnopsid Isopods from the North          Pacific (Acanthamunnopsis milleri and Munneurycope murrayi) Using SEM Analysis
Assortative Mating in the Tropical Sea Urchin Lytechinus Variegatus
Foraging Ecology and Diet Selection of Juvenile Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) in the Western Bahamas
Denitrification in the Uranium and Nitrate-Contaminated Terrestrial Subsurface
Sponge Species Distributions and Ecological Interactions in Apalachee Bay
From Shelf to Shelf
Shifting Distributions of Marine Sponges and the Ecology of an Endemic Species
Insights into Carbon Acquisition and Photosynthesis in Karenia Brevis under a Range of CO2 Concentrations
Analysis of Microbial Abundance, Metabolic Potential, and Transcriptional Activity in the Gulf of Mexico "Deadzone" Reveals an Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaeal Hotspot
Habitat Suitability Modelling of Shallow Water Structure Forming Communities in the Big Bend Region of Florida's Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Trophic Ecology and Bioaccumulation of Mercury in the Three Hagfish (Myxinidae) Species from the Gulf of Mexico
Volume Pulsation of Small Gas Bubbles in the Surface Layer of Coastal Sands Caused by Surface Gravity Waves
Distribution Patterns of Melampus Bidentatus and Their Implications on the Effects of Climate Change on Salt Marsh Animal             Populations
Trophic ecology of Ariid catfishes in the Gulf of Mexico
Effects of Beach and Species Management Actions on the Nesting and Incubation Environment of Sea Turtles in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
A study of our marine enviroment as a Florida resource to be used in the elementary science program