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Agency, Gender, and the Law in Slave Narratives
Evolution of the doctrine of academic abstention in American jurisprudence
A new birth of freedom: Abraham Lincoln's re-election and the end of slavery. (Volumes I and II)
Colonial Autonomy
Exploitation of Labor in College Football
profession of accountancy
Development of East European and Soviet direct trade relations with South Korea, 1970-1991
Severity of punishment changes in Nigerian law: An application of Frantz Fanon's Colonial Model
Explaining U.S. intervention in Third World internal wars, 1945-1989
Does a repressive counterterrorist strategy reduce terrorism? An empirical study of Israel's iron fist policy for the period 1968 to 1987
Issues of law and punishment in Islam: Theory, practice, discussion
Controlling Influence
South Africa and the United States at the end of the 19th century: The Boer War in American politics and diplomacy
Alternative intellectuals and United States-Latin American relations, 1910-1970
The determinants of domestic arms production in Third World countries
The San Francisco Conference on International Organization, April-June, 1945
The United States and the European Defense Community: 1950-1954
Theodore Marburg: An internationalist's place in history
India's role in the League of Nations, 1919-1939
Growing together or coming apart? The causes and consequences of national and regional disparities in the European Union
The study of terrorism in perspective
Exploring democratic transition in Taiwan: An analysis of macro and micro political changes
From nationalism to nation-state building: A time series analysis of foreign direct investment in Mexico
Act passed by the Legislative Council of Florida, entitled An act   to raise a revenue in the Territory of Florida
Message from the President of the United States transmitting a communication from the Secretary of the Interior, with draft of bill and accompanying papers
Letter addressed to R.A. Young, esq., from F. Eppes
Sovereignty, Religion, and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs ) in Sudan, with a focus          on the Nuba Mountains
United States vs. The Steamer Peterhoff and Her Cargo
Bradley v. Cowles, Background and research
Bradley v. Cowles, Background and research
Mamie Bradley, subject file
Mamie Bradley, subject file
NAACP speaking engagements
Wolf Whistle Motion Picture correspondence
Bradley v. Cowles, Appellate Court briefs
Correspondence with motion picture studios
Bradley v. Cowles, Circuit Court pleadings
Bradley v. Cowles, Appellate Court & Illinois Supreme Court
Bradley v. Cowles, Case documents
Correspondence with literary agents
Bradley v. Cowles, Investigation
Bradley v. Cowles, Research and case documents
Bradley v. Cowles, Summonses
Bradley v. Cowles, Appellate Court procedures
Transcript of record
Florida handbook
Florida handbook
Florida handbook
Florida handbook