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Preaching What We Practice
Using Social Network Analysis (SNA) Feedback to Explore Patterns of Participation and Interaction in Online Discussions
Effects of Different Types of Annotations on College Students' Foreign Language Learning in the Synchronous Multimodal Computer-Mediated Communication Environment
Moving Metacognitive Regulation Beyond Curriculum and into Culture
Designing Problem Based Learning for Teachers in Malaysia
Productive Failure
Business of Informal Learning
Role Assignment and Sense of Community in an Online Course
Effects of Presentation Timing and Learner Control on Effectiveness and Efficiency on Learning Statistics Skills
Featured Student Profiles
Effects of Embodied Interactions on Learning in a Kinect-Enabled Learning Environment
Online Learners' Satisfaction
Instagram for the Development of Foreign Language Students' Intercultural Competence
Descriptive Post Titles as Advance Organizer
Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Interprofessional, Continuing Education Course in Biomedical Ethics Using Problem Based Learning
Qualitative Cross-Case Analysis of Three Real-World Mobile Performance Support Design Models
Advanced (Measurement) Applications of Curriculum-based Measurement in Reading
Asterisk Comics
Effects of Instructional Strategies Based on the Music Model of Academic Motivation on Undergraduate Mathematics Students' Subject          Learning
study of the instructional program in Desoto County with particular attention to those phases which tend to break its continuity
Acknowledging the Religious Beliefs Students Bring into the Science Classroom
Libraries for New Medical Schools
Basic Interviewing Skills for Medical Students
development of the instructional program in Broward County, Florida
Vehicles of the Future
Florida Middle School Teachers' Perspective on and Preparedness for the Common Core          State Standards in Mathematics
Planning an organized program for South Decatur High