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Examination of beliefs underlying obsessive compulsive disorder
Psychopathic personality traits and semantic processing of emotional Stroop stimuli
Language in human interaction
A comparsion of perceptions toward family crises between eleventh grade students who have had and had not experiences with such crises
Characterizing Positive and Negative Emotional Experiences in Young Adults With Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms.
Perceived weight discrimination, changes in health, and daily stressors.
Examining the dimensionality of effortful control in preschool children and its relation to academic and socioemotional indicators.
Countering Craving with Disgust Images
Externalizing proneness and brain response during pre-cuing and viewing of emotional pictures.
Error-related brain activity is related to aversive potentiation of the startle response in children, but only the ERN is associated with anxiety disorders.
moderating influence of heart rate variability on stressor-elicited change in pupillary and attentional indices of emotional processing
Emotion dysregulation explains associations between anxiety sensitivity and hazardous drinking and drinking motives among adult treatment-seeking smokers.
Decomposing fear perception
Genetic and environmental associations between body dissatisfaction, weight preoccupation, and binge eating
Association between Sleep Disturbances and Depression among Firefighters
Attention bias towards negative emotional information and its relationship with daily worry in the context of acute stress
Augmenting antidepressant medication treatment of depressed women with emotionally focused therapy for couples
Neural Correlates of the Propensity for Retaliatory Behavior in Youths With Disruptive Behavior Disorders.