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Getting to Yes
What Is Visible
Eating White Rice with My Fingertips
Monster Truck Seductions
Dirty Lover's Mausoleum
Former Queen of the Amazons
No Heroes Out Here
Kings of the Cannibal Islands
All News Is Good News
That Which Burns
Mama's Boy
Lost Commodore
Storybook Tallahassee
(Re)Imagined Textual Geographies
Muse," and Other Short Stories
Never Played with
Walking the Dead
Lobe's Crossing
Collected Works in Fiction and Nonfiction
Measuring Poetry
Tianjin Trilogy
Living the (Working-Class, College, Double-Major) Life
Importance, Review and Holdings of Contemporary African American Women's Poetry and Fiction in ARL Libraries, 1980-1990
Students' Perceptions of the Impact a Creative Arts Journal Has on Their Medical          Education
Dead Elements
Dead Elements
use of films in encouraging creative expression
Fuck Happiness, Give Me Pain
Art of Adaptation through the Analysis of Stanley Kubrick Films