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simulated annealing heuristic for maximum correlation core/periphery partitioning of binary networks.
Local Optima in Mixture Modeling.
Challenges in structural approaches to cell modeling.
Prediction of homoprotein and heteroprotein complexes by protein docking and template-based modeling
Semiclosed Conformations of the Ligand-Binding Domains of NMDA Receptors during Stationary Gating.
Glucose Oscillations Can Activate an Endogenous Oscillator in Pancreatic Islets.
Same or different? Insights into the etiology of phonological awareness and rapid naming.
Comparative exploration of hydrogen sulfide and water transmembrane free energy surfaces via orthogonal space tempering free energy sampling.
Histone posttranslational modifications predict specific alternative exon subtypes in mammalian brain.
Toward 20 T magnetic resonance for human brain studies