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simulated annealing heuristic for maximum correlation core/periphery partitioning of binary networks.
Landmark-Free Method for Three-Dimensional Shape Analysis.
Local Optima in Mixture Modeling.
Examining the effect of initialization strategies on the performance of Gaussian mixture modeling.
Generalized Ensemble Sampling of Enzyme Reaction Free Energy Pathways.
Self-organization in precipitation reactions far from the equilibrium.
Preliminary Analysis of Difficulty of Importing Pattern-Based Concepts into the National Cancer Institute Thesaurus.
comparison of latent class, K-means, and K-median methods for clustering dichotomous data.
Rate Constants and Mechanisms of Protein-Ligand Binding.
Perceiving the Usefulness of the National Cancer Institute Metathesaurus for Enriching NCIt with Topological Patterns.
Comparison of Rule-based Analysis with Regression Methods in Understanding the Risk Factors for Study Withdrawal in a Pediatric Study.
Construction and Optimization of a Large Gene Coexpression Network in Maize Using RNA-Seq Data.
application of the elastic net for an endophenotype analysis.
Prediction of homoprotein and heteroprotein complexes by protein docking and template-based modeling
In vivo quantification of intraventricular hemorrhage in a neonatal piglet model using an EEG-layout based electrical impedance tomography array.
confidence building exercise in data and identifiability