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PIV investigation of compressibility effects on dynamic stall
Aeroacoustic Characterization of a Multi-Element High-Lift Airfoil
Reynolds stresses and turbulent closure in a supersonic shear flow
Flow Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics of Separated Flows Subject to ZNMF-Based Control
Thrust Measurements on a Rocket Nozzle Using Flow-Field Diagnostics
Flowfield of a Three-Dimensional Swept-Shock Boundary Layer Interaction at Mach 2
Characterization of Supersonic Flow Around a Hemispherical Model
Supersonic Impinging Jet Noise Reduction by Ground Plane Acoustic Treatment
High-Frequency, Resonance-Enhanced Microactuators with Active Structures for High-Speed Flow Control
Pressure Drag Reduction on Patterned Cylindrical Models Inspired by Biomimicry
Vortex Asymmetry on Conical Forebodies at High Angles of Attack
Method to Predict Circulation Control Noise
On the Stability and Control of a Trailing Vortex
Active Flow Control and Global Stability Analysis of Separated Flow over a NACA 0012 Airfoil
Characterization of the Flow-Field for Dual Normally Impinging Axi-Symmetric Jets
On the Properties and Mechanisms of Microjet Arrays in Crossflow for the Control of Flow Separation
Active Control of High-Speed Free Jets Using High-Frequency Excitation
The spectrum and directivity of turbulent mixing noise from supersonic jets
A computational study of turbulent jet flows and their instability waves
Aeroacoustic Characteristics of Supersonic Impinging Jets
Characterization and Validation of an Anechoic Facility for High-Temperature Jet Noise Studies
Flow Field and Acoustic Characterization of Non-Axisymmetric Jets
Micromechanics based modeling of metal matrix composites using finite element method
Enhancing Polymer Composites with Triboluminescent Materials
The structure of a heated supersonic jet operating at design and off-design conditions
Control of dynamic stall