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study of the prediction of achievement in some topics in college freshman mathematics from measures of "structure-of-intellect" factors
effect of failure upon the school child
Doing the math: a K-20 examination of the minority pipeline in math intensive fields
evaluation of achievement in reading of pupils who have had five years or more in Avon Park Elementary School as compared with pupils who have had two or less years
role of the roll in determining success
effects, if any, of transportation on attendance and achievement on the white schools of Seminole County
Evaluating the impact of feedback on elementary aged students' fluency growth in written expression
longitudinal cluster-randomized controlled study on the accumulating effects of individualized literacy instruction on students' reading from first through third grade.
Depressive symptoms in third-grade teachers
Children's behavioral regulation and literacy
Developmental relations between reading fluency and reading comprehension
Teacher quality moderates the genetic effects on early reading.
Academic Achievement Among Juvenile Detainees.
relation of linguistic awareness and vocabulary to word reading and spelling for first-grade students participating in response to intervention.
Development of oral reading fluency in children with speech or language impairments
In search of the perfect phenotype