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Mary Tarver
A Woman and A Male Clown Performing
A Woman and A Male Clown Performing
Mary Tarver Performing at the Flying High Circus
Circus Performers Walking Around
Circus Performer
Two Circus Performers Practicing
Sharon- Neck Spin
"No Hands"
Sharon and Jodie Performing
Mary Tarver
"On With the Show"
Circus Performers
Our Perennial Stars- The Imperial Trio
The Imperial Trio- Jim, Fred, and "Brick"
Bobby and Charlie- Iron Jaw and Spin
Charlie and Gloria- Layout Spin
Jane and Warren- Balanced Perch
"Strike Up the Band"
"Come In"
Marilyn- Foot Revolve
Ted and Gloria - Toe to Toe
Mary Tarver- Ankle Spin
"The Circus Goes to College" Magazine Article
Ted and Gloria- My Roommate
Mary Tarver Performing at the Circus
Coach Jack Haskin
Skating Whirwind
Mary Tarver and Her Partner on the Spanish Web, Nina
Gil, Doris, Jack, and Bob Performing in the Circus
"Can or Can-can?"
Trick Horse!
All the Spanish Web Girls (Including Mary Tarver)
Bobby, Jett, and Doris
Jack and Gloria
The Imperial Trio
Circus Performers
Steve - Our Announcer
Our Trio! Fred, Jim, and Brick
Chuck, Barnes, Chris, and Jack
All the Gang
Circus Performers Posing in Body Paint
The Flying High Circus Without the Tent Set-Up
Anne Schull and Jim DeCosmo in a Balancing Pose
Barnes and Anne O'Quin on the Double Trapeze