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Four FSCW Students Standing Next to Westcott Fountain
Dorothy Price at FSCW
Four Women Sitting on the Ground in Front of the Fountain
Westcott Fountain Frozen
Westcott Fountain
Fountain FSWC
Administration Fountain with Decorations
Cora Gray at the Frozen Administration Fountain
Crowd Gathered at the Administration Plaza
Administration Fountain with Decorations
Administration Fountain FSCW
Students at Wescott Fountain during Homecoming
Main Entrance Gate
Red, White, and Purple Colors Flying
Odd Fountain with Icicles!
Students Dancing on Westcott Fountain
Westcott Fountain
Group of Women on Westcott Fountain
Westcott Fountain with Icicles
Fountain in Ice
Mary Tarver Pointing at a Frozen Westcott Fountain
Frozen Westcott Fountain
Unidentified Woman as Angel in Front of Fountain
Odd Fountain FSCW
Homecoming Scene
Homecoming Scene
Woman by Fountain
The Fountain and Main Gate at FSU
Four Women Standing in Front of Fountain
Florida State College for Women Fountain and Gates
Westcott Building
College Gates Decorated for Jubilee
Student In Front of Westcott Building and Westcott Fountain
Marjorie Fogarty and Janie Mattison in Front of Westcott Fountain.
Dr. Conradi, President
Westcott Building in the Snow
Westcott Building with a Frozen Fountain
Main Entrance Taken From Gate
Administration Building Fountain
Administration Building
Frozen Westcott Fountain
Frozen Westcott Fountain
"Administration Building - Winter"
Group of People Outside of the Westcott Building
Motorcycle Police Officer in Westcott Plaza during a Bomb Threat