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Distance-Guided Forward and Backward Chain-Growth Monte Carlo Method for Conformational Sampling and Structural Prediction of Antibody CDR-H3 Loops.
Integrative Comparison of mRNA Expression Patterns in Breast Cancers from Caucasian and Asian Americans with Implications for Precision Medicine.
Automatic Extraction Of Protein-protein Interactions Using Grammatical Relationship Graph
Automatic extraction of protein-protein interactions using grammatical relationship graph.
Coordinated Upregulation of Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Autophagy in Breast Cancer Cells
Tumoral Expression Of Drug And Xenobiotic Metabolizing Enzymes In Breast Cancer Patients Of Different Ethnicities With Implications To Personalized Medicine
Coordinated Upregulation of Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Autophagy in Breast Cancer Cells
Tumoral expression of drug and xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes in breast cancer patients of different ethnicities with implications to personalized medicine.
Statistical Shape Analysis on Manifolds with Applications to Planar Contours and          Structural Proteomics
Individual Patient-Level Data Meta-Analysis
Generalized Mahalanobis Depth in Point Process and Its Application in Neural Coding and Semi-Supervised Learning in Bioinformatics
Cell and Disease Type Specific Fingerprints in the Mammalian Replication Program
Riemannian Framework for Annotated Curves Analysis
Nonparametric Wavelet Thresholding and Profile Monitoring for Non-Gaussian Errors
2D Affine and Projective Shape Analysis, and Bayesian Elastic Active Contours
Elastic Shape Analysis of RNAs and Proteins
Nonlinear Multivariate Tests for High-Dimensional Data Using Wavelets with Applications in Genomics and Engineering
Statistical Analysis of Trajectories on Riemannian Manifolds
Bayesian Methods for Skewed Response Including Longitudinal and Heteroscedastic Data
Ensemble Approach to Predicting Health Outcomes
Bayesian Portfolio Optimization with Time-Varying Factor Models
Statistical Approach for Information Extraction of Biological Relationships
First Steps towards Image Denoising under Low-Light Conditions
Matching Physical File Representation to Logical Access Patterns for Better Performance
Matched-Sample-Based Normalization Method
Personalized chemotherapy selection for breast cancer using gene expression profiles.
Matched Sample Based Approach for Cross-Platform Normalization on Gene Expression Data
Ensemble Methods for Capturing Dynamics of Limit Order Books
Scalable Nonconvex Optimization Algorithms
Tests and Classifications in Adaptive Designs with Applications
Two Studies on the Application of Machine Learning for Biomedical Big Data
New Approaches of Differential Gene Expression Analysis and Cancer Immune Evasion Mechanism Identification
Chromatin structure profile data from DNS-seq
Improved MCVDC Breaker Operation by Existing Power Converters in Shipboard Applications
Oxygen Analysis of Complex Petroleum Mixtures by Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Comparative mRNA Expression Analysis Leveraging Known Biochemical Interactions
Understanding the Determining Factors and Their Cooperative Effects on Protein Folding
Parameter Sensitive Feature Selection for Learning on Large Datasets
Tools for Statistical Analysis on Shape Spaces of Three-Dimensional Object
Relationship Between Unemployment and College Enrollment and Success Outcomes
Nucleosome Fragility and Resistance
Investigating the Use of Mortality Data as a Surrogate for Morbidity Data
Goodness-of-Tests for Logistic Regression
Efficient Learning of Optimal Linear Representations for Object Classification
Probabilistic Methods in Estimation and Prediction of Financial Models
Modeling Multivariate Data with Parameter-Based Subspaces
Statistical Methods for Big Data and Their Applications in Biomedical Research
Personalized Chemotherapy Selection For Breast Cancer Using Gene Expression Profiles