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Comparison of Wi-Fi and WiMAX with Case Studies
Bayesian Calibration Of Groundwater Models With Input Data Uncertainty
Study of Correlations Between Microwave Transmissions and Atmospheric Effects
Characteristics and outcomes of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients with leptomeningeal metastases.
FPGA Implementation of Digital Filters Using MCM
Analysis of Wi-Fi Security Protocols and Authentication Delay
Statistical Modeling of Small-Scale Fading Channels
Practical Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
Securing SDLC & NTCIP Type Messages for Actuated Signal Controllers
Synthesizable SystemC to VHDL Compiler Design
Determination of Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Thickness and Optical Parameters by a New Modified Prism Waveguide Coupler System
FPGA-Based Model of a High-Frequency Power Electronic Converter in an RTDS Based Power System Co-Simulation
Dynamic Interactions Between Photo Voltaic Inverters and Distribution Voltage Regulation Devices
Spectrum Management in Wireless Networks
Study of Multiphase Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Interfacing with Energy Storage for Fuel Cell Vehicle Using Power          Hardware-in-the-Loop Conceept
Improving the Performance of Wireless Networks with Ubiquitously Compatible Solutions in the Medium Access Control          Layer
FEELING THE PULSE OF THE STRATOSPHERE An Emerging Opportunity for Predicting Continental-Scale Cold-Air Outbreaks I Month in Advance
Small Signal Instability Assessment and Mitigation in Power Electronics Based Power Systems
Modeling and Application of Effective Channel Utilization in Wireless Networks
Impedance Measurement Techniques in Noisy Medium Voltage Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Environments
New Two-Stage Game Framework for Power Demand Response Management in Smart Grids
Sensor Systems and Signal Processing Algorithms for Wireless Applications
Securing Systems by Vulnerability Mitigation and Adaptive Live Patching
Bulk assembly of organic metal halide nanotubes.
Enabling Efficient Big Data Services on HPC Systems with SHMEM-Based Programming Stack
Security Evaluation of Tree Parity Re-Keying Machine Implementations Utilizing Side-Channel Emissions
Centralized Fault Management Approach for the Protection of Smart Grids
Fault Protection Framework Designs and Methods in Power Electronics Converter Based Power Distribution Systems
Consensus-Based Distributed Control for Economic Dispatch Problem with Comprehensive Constraints in a Smart Grid
Dynamic Resource Management in Wireless Networks
Thermal Analysis and Heatsink Design for SiC-Based T-Type Inverter
Energy Efficient Routing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
New Scheme for Emergency Message Dissemination in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Performance Modeling and Analysis of a Centralized Fault Location and Identification System
Cyber Physical System Vulnerability Research
Emetine Inhibits Zika And Ebola Virus Infections Through Two Molecular Mechanisms
Emetine inhibits Zika and Ebola virus infections through two molecular mechanisms