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"Forced on Exertion"
"I Am in the, and Thow Are in Me"
Feminine Desire and Power in the Arthurian Tradition
Seventeenth-Century Prayer Guides and the Practice of Prayer in Paradise Lost
Devil and Capitalism in Marlowe's Doctor Faustus and Milton's Paradise Lost
Sacraments, Sacrifice, and Ritual
"Doulce Chose Est Que Mariage"
Blasting Binaries and Humanizing Humans
Old English Christ Poems and Anglo-Saxon Law
"Poema Morale"
Return to Carmel
Ready-Made Stories
Language of Vultures
"He Cannot Be a Gentleman Which Loveth Not Hawking and Hunting"
Interlace and Early Britain
Displacing the Bourgeois Ideal
"That Inimitable Art"
Hyssop Tub
Seeing the Self