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System and method for performing tensile stress-strain and fatigue tests
Wide bore high field magnet
Velocity Field Measurements of He II Forced Flow Using the Particle Image Velocimetry          Technique
Study of Thermal Counterflow in He II Using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)          Technique
Development of a Solid Hydrogen Particle Generator for Feasibility Testing of a Solid          Hydrogen Optical Mass Gauging System Prototype
Counterflow Heat Transfer in He II Contained in Porous Media
Fabrication and Characterization of Mercurocuprate Superconductors on Silver Substrates
On the Development of a Low Cost Pyrheliometer
Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Forced Flow Helium II at High Reynolds Numbers
Multilayer Insulation Testing at Varible Boundary Temperatures
On the Development of a Low Cost Pyrheliometer
Pressure Difference and Temperature Variation Through Orifice Plates in Helium II Forced Flow
Development of a Volume Element Model for Energy Systems Engineering and Integrative Thermodynamic Optimization
Growth and Decay of Quantum Turbulence Induced by Second Sound Shock Pulses in Helium II
Cooling, Thermal Design, and Stability of a Superconducting Motor
Cryogenic Cooling System by Natural Convection of Subcooled Liquid Nitrogen for HTS Transformers
Development and Characterization of High Strength Nb₃Sn Superconductor
Gas Propagation in a Liquid Helium Cooled Vacuum Tube Following a Sudden Vacuum Loss