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Acceleration Methods Forbayesian Network Sampling
Closed Form Solutions of Linear Difference Equations
Solutions of Second Order Recurrence Relations
Openmath Library for Computing on Riemann Surfaces
Chern-Schwartz-Macpherson Classes of Graph Hypersurfaces and Schubert Varieties
Optimizing MPI Point-to-Point Communication Performance on RDMA-Enabled SMP-CMP Clusters
Efficient XML Stream Processing and Searching
Representation of Association Semantics with Annotations in a Biodiversity          Informatics System
Reducing the WCET of Applications on Low End Embedded Systems
Application Configurable Processors
Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Reliable Multicast Protocol for          Ethernet Switched Networks
Developing a Bioinformatics Utility Belt to Eliminate Search Redundancy from the          Ever-Growing Databases
Internet Computing with Matlab
Realtime Computing with the Parareal Algorithm
There & Never Back Again
Improving Monte Carlo Linear Solvers Through Better Iterative Processes
Extensions and Optimizations to the Scalable, Parallel Random Number Generators Library
Extensions and Optimizations to the Scalable, Parallel Random Number Generators Library
Parametric Uncertainty Analysis of Uranium Transport Surface Complexation Models
Adaptive Series Estimators for Copula Densities
Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Array Data Dependence Analysis with the Chains of Recurrences Algebra
Scrambled Quasirandom Sequences and Their Applications
Interaction Design Patterns for Musical Applications
Massively Parallel Algorithms for CFD Simulation and Optimization on Heterogeneous Many-Core Architectures
Modular Data Pipelining Architecture (MDPA) for Enabling Universal Accessibility in P2P Grids
Reducing the Cost of Comparisons within Conditional Transfers of Control
Parallel Random Number Generation
Formally Evaluating Wireless Security Protocols
Aeroacoustic Characteristics of Supersonic Twin Jets
Mechanism for Tracking the Effects of Requirement Changes in Enterprise Software          Systems
Block Incremental Algorithm for Computing Dominant Singular Subspaces
Content Markup Language Design Principles
Unified Compiler Framework for Program Analysis, Optimization, and Automatic Vectorization with Chains of Recurrences
Solving Linear Differential Equations in Terms of Hypergeometric Functions by ₂-Descent
Finding All Bessel Type Solutions for Linear Differential Equations with Rational Function Coefficients
Hypergeometric Solutions of Linear Differential Equations with Rational Function Coefficients
Factoring Univariate Polynomials over the Rationals
Algorithms for Solving Linear Differential Equations with Rational Function Coefficients
Assimilation of Airs Radiance Observations into a Mesoscale Model
Enhancing Pattern Classification with Relational Fuzzy Neural Networks and Square          BK-Products
Computational Transformation Between Different Symbolic Representations of BK Products of Fuzzy Relations
Improving Processor Efficiency Through Enhanced Instruction Fetch
Grid Computing Infrastructure for Monte Carlo Applications
Enhanced Security for Mobile Agent Systems
Metrics and Techniques to Guide Software Development
Feistel-Inspired Scrambling Improves the Quality of Linear Congruential Generators
Modeling and Comparison of Large-Scale Interconnect Designs
Platforms for Hpjava