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Criminalization of Same-Sex Desire: 18th & Early 19th Century Britain
Why the United States Must End the Second Cold War as It Begins
British Concentration Camps of the Second South African War (The Transvaal, 1900-1902)
British Foreign Policy and the Arab Rebellion in Palestine
From "Masterly Inactivity" to Limited Autonomy
Angels or Monsters?
Role of U.S. Women Diplomats Between 1945 and 2004
Louisa S. Mccord and the "Feminist" Debate
Building Up Steam
Baptist Missions in the British Empire
Cruelty Contested
Making Internationalism Personal
Gordon's Ghosts
"Chosen Race"
"And They'll March with Their Brothers to Freedom"
Patronage, Public Spheres and the Problem of Female Rule
Les Hommes sans Dieu
Valor in Vain
Cravings in the Caribbean
Advice and Discontent
Empire of the Mind
One King, One Flag, One Empire
Coalitions and Kingdoms
Doing a Real Job
Cost of a Moral Army Masculinity and the Construction of a Respectable British Army 1850-1885
Little Island Will Not Be a Trifling Jewel
Few, the Proud
Recognizing the 'Learned Lady' in the English Upper Class, 1750-1860
Mary Elizabeth Braddon's 'Unknown Public'
Alchemy of Sexuality in Early Modern English Lyric Poetry
Bonds of Empire
Blood We Did Not Spill
Europa and the Bull
Milner Legacy