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Exploration of Factors Influencing Cognition in People with Chronic Obstructive          Pulmonary Disease
Factors Affecting the Performance Levels of Risk Management Behaviors of Florida High          School Athletic Directors
Adjustment to Parkinson's Disease
Shopping Pattern Differences of Physically Active Korean and American University          Consumers for Athletic Apparel
Effects of Goal Setting on Female Middle School Students' Physical Activity Levels          and Motivation Toward Exercise
Dual Task Performance and Postural Recovery
Perception of Risk in Sport Activities
Determinants of Mass Customization Adoption
Effects of a 12-Week Progressive, Full Body, Strength-Training Program in Women with Fibromyalgia
Relationship Between Physical Self-Concept, Body Image Dissatisfaction and Competition Anxiety in Female "Aesthetic" and "Non-Aesthetic" Collegiate          Athletes
Effects of Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation at the Tibialis Anterior Muscle on Kinematic, & Kinetic Parameters of Gait Initiation in          Parkinsonism
Factors Influencing College Choice Among Track and Field Student Athletes at NCAA D-1 Conference HBCUs
Racial Differences in Student's Interest and Attitudes Toward Physical Education Considering Grade Level and Gender
Effects of a 12-Month Pedometer-Based Walking Intervention in Women of Low Socioeconomic Status.