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Interpreting Gabriele d'Annunzio
Teacher Perceptions of Teaching Choral Music in Urban Schools
Just in Case You've Forgotten
Choral Music of Joachim Raff (1822–1882)
Life of Dr. Augustus J. Pearson Jr.
Piano Trios of Nino Rota and the Art Songs of Franco Alfano on Poetry of Rabindranath Tagore
Changing Face of Opera in America
Annotated Analysis of the Choral Settings of Sara Teasdale's Literary 'Songs'
Descriptive Analysis of Concurrent Instruction in Secondary Choral Rehearsals
History of the Florida State University Choral Department 1947 2000
History of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Choruses 1967-2017
History of the Vocal Jazz Ensemble Singing Movement in the Public Schools of the Boise Valley from It's Inception through the Academic Year 1989-1990
Amid the Shades
Singing for Social Harmony
Developing Music Skills in Urban Secondary Public School Choirs
Historical, Cultural, Educational, and Traditional Influences in Irish Choral Settings from 1922 to the Present
Annotated Survey of the Indianist Movement Represented by Arthur Farwell and Charles Wakefield Cadman
Sight-Singing Systems in Collegiate Choral Curricula
Historical and Analytical Survey of the Missa Brevis Genre from 1490 to Modern Times
Multi-Movement Choral Works of Stephen Paulus
Life and Music of Roland Marvin Carter
Effects of Vibrato and Pitch-Varied Vocal Models on High School and Undergraduate Singers' Intonation, Intensity, and Use of Vibrato