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Comparison of Estimators in Hierarchical Linear Modeling
Differential Item Functioning Analyses for Mixed Response Data Using IRT          Likelihood-Ratio Test, Logistic Regression, and Gllamm Procedures
Robustness of Hierarchical Linear Model Parameter Estimates under Violations of          Second-Level Residual Homoskedasticity and Independence Assumptions
Demonstration of the Three-Level Hierarchical Generalized Linear Model Applied to Educational Research
Effect of Format and Language on the Observed Scores of Secondary-English Speakers
Validation of A Measure of Competency in the Use of Psychological Assessment in          Career Counseling
Development of the Transition Readiness Scale for Female Inmates
Relationship of Teacher Knowledge and First-Grade Reading Outcomes in Low-Income          Schools
Student Perceptions of Problems' Structuredness, Complexity, Situatedness, and Information Richenss and Their Effects on Problem-Solving Performance
Random-Effect Differential Item Functioning via Hierarchical Generalized Linear Model and Generalized Linear Latent Mixed Model