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Investigation of drop impact on dry and wet surfaces with consideration of surrounding air
Comparison Study of Principal Component Analysis and Nonlinear Principal Component          Analysis
Steady Dynamics in Shearing Flows of Nematic Liquid Crystalline Polymers
Binary White Dwarf Mergers
Numerical Methods for Multiphase Systems with Applications to Biology
SO(10) Supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories
Deterministic and Stochastic Aspects of Data Assimilation
Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Approximations on Moving Meshes for Wave          Scattering from Reflective Moving Boundaries
Numerical Methods for Two-Phase Jet Flow
Precomputed Global Illumination of Isosurfaces
Rheology and Mesoscale Morphology of Flows of Chlesteric and Nematic Liquid Crystal Polymers
4-D Var Data Assimilation and POD Model Reduction Applied to Geophysical Dynamics Models
All Speed Multi-Phase Flow Solvers
Thermal Conductivity and Self-Generation of Magnetic Fields in Discontinuous Plasmas
Non-Intrusive Methods for Probablistic Uncertainty Quantification and Global Sensitivity Analysis in Nonlinea Stochastic Phenomena
Uncertainty Quantification and Data Fusion Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory
Toward Connecting Core-Collapse Supernova Theory with Observations
Modeling the Effect of Biofilm Production in the Development of Plant Diseases
Massively Parallel Algorithms for CFD Simulation and Optimization on Heterogeneous Many-Core Architectures
Uncertainty Quantification of Nonlinear Stochastic Phenomena
Level Set and Conservative Level Set Methods on Dynamic Quadrilateral Grids
Asymptotically Preserving Method for Multiphase Flow
Indexing, Searching, and Mining Large-Scale Visualdata via Structured Vector Quantization
Spatial Optimal Disturbances in Turbulent Boundary Layers
Low-Rank Riemannian Optimization Approach to the Role Extraction Problem
Interactive 3D GPU-Based Breast Mass Lesion Segmentation Method Based on Level Sets for Dce-MRI Images
Comparison of Different Noise Forcings, Regularization of Noise, and Optimal Control for the Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations
Space-Time Spectral Element Methods in Fluid Dynamics and Materials Science
Riemannian Approach for Computing Geodesics in Elastic Shape Space and Its Applications
Flow Physics and Nonlinear Dynamics of Separated Flows Subject to ZNMF-Based Control
Network-Theoretic and Data-Based Analysis and Control of Unsteady Fluid Flows
Ensemble Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Algorithms for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
New Numerical Procedures for the Lagrangian Analysis of Hierarchical Block-Structured Reactive Flow Simulations
On Some Multiphysics Effects of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in Dense Plasmas
High-Order, Efficient, Numerical Algorithms for Integration in Manifolds Implicitly Defined by Level Sets
No-Reference Natural Image/Video Quality Assessment of Noisy, Blurry, or Compressed Images/Videos Based on Hybrid Curvelet, Wavelet and Cosine Transforms
I. A Modified ƙ-Ɛ Turbulence Model for High Speed Hets at Elevated Temperatures. II. Modeling and a Computational Study of Spliced Acoustic Liners
Diffuse Interface Method for Two-Phase Incompressible Flows
Multi-GPU Solutions of Geophysical PDEs with Radial Basis Function-Generated Finite Differences
Sparse Approximation and Its Applications
Detonability of Turbulent White Dwarf Plasma
Entangling Qubits by Heisenberg Spin Exchange and Anyon Braiding
Aeroacoustic Characterization of a Multi-Element High-Lift Airfoil
Neural Rule Ensembles