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Non-gaussian Analysis Of Observations From The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder Compared With Era And Merra Reanalyses
Statistical Forecasting of Florida Monthly Rainfall
Comparison of Extreme Events in Sea Surface Temperatures Using Two Daily Satellite Datasets
Intercomparison of Numerically Modeled Flux Data and Satellite-Derived Flux Data for Warm Seclusions
Low-Frequency Minimum Temperature Variability Throughout the Southeastern United States during the 1970s
Improved Short-Term Atlantic Hurricane Intensity Forecasts Using Reconnaissance-Based Core Measurements
Characteristics and GFS Forecast Accuracy of Intraseasonal Shifts in the Arctic Oscillation Index
Investigating the Use of Polarimetric Radar Data as Forecast Guidance for Lightning Cessation at Kennedy Space Center
Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies
Quasi-Biennial Variation in Kinematic Properties of Equatorial Waves
Power Law Behavior of Atmospheric Variability
Determining the Characteristics of Anvil and Thunderstorm Lightning for Use in the Lightning Launch Commit Criteria at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy          Space Center
Effects of Sea State on Offshore Wind Resourcing in Florida
Evaluation of Bulk Heat Fluxes from Atmospheric Datasets
Predictability of Dry Season Reforecasts over the Tropical South American Region
Evaluating Tropical Cyclogenesis Forecasts from Four Global Numerical Models
Photoproduction of ω Mesons and π⁰ω Meson Pairs off the Free Proton
Atmospheric Power-Law Behavior
Climatological and Synoptic Patterns of Atlantic Tropical Cyclones Categorized by GFS Track Ensemble Spread and Error
Analysis of Extreme Events in the PUMA Model
Analysis of Global Atmospheric Non-Gaussian Extreme Events
Development and Evaluation of Mesoscale Lightning Threat Guidance for Operational Use at NWS Offices
Spatio-Temporal Evolutions of Non-Orthogonal Equatorial Wave Modes Derived from Observations
Examination of El Niño and La Niña Teleconnections to Sahel and Guinea Coast Rainfall in the Context of the 1968 Rainfall Regime Change
Circulation in the Lau Basin and Havre Trough
Baroclinic Geostrophic Turbulence and Jets in the Laboratory
On the Structure and Frequency of Secondary Eyewall Formation in HWRF Simulations of Tropical Cyclone Harvey (2017)
Interannual Variability of Tropical Cyclone Potential Intensity and Lifetime Maximum Intensity
Diagnosing the Atmospheric Phenomena Associated with the Onset and Demise of the Rainy Season in Mesoamerica
Hybrid Lagrangian/Eulerian View of the Global Atmospheric Mass Circulation
Evaluation of Surface Heat Flux Uncertainties and Their Impacts on the Study of Ocean Mixed Layer Temperature Variability
ENSO Variability in a Changing Climate
Investigation of the Relationship Between the Yucatan Channel Transport and the Loop Current Area in a Multi-Decadal Numerical Simulation
Estimating the Effects of Climate Change on Tropical Cyclone Activity
Radial-Vertical Profiles of Tropical Cyclone Derived from Dropsondes
Understanding Climate Feedback Contributions to the Surface Temperature Response
Relationship of Interannual Variability in Western Equatorial Africa to the Tropical Oceans and Atmospheric          Circulation
Characterizing Multi-Decadal Temperature Variability in the Southeastern United States
On Initializing CGCMs for Seasonal Predictability of ENSO
Dalitz Plot Analysis and Extraction of Spin Density Matrix Elements for the Ω → 3Π Decay
Teleconnection between Subtropical Convection and Higher Latitude Wave Activity in the Atlantic
Impact of Tropical Cyclones on Upper Atmospheric Chemistry Using a High-Resolution Chemical Transport Model and Aircraft             Observations
Local Cooling Despite Global Warming
Improving Satellite-Based Snowfall Estimation
Analysis and Prediction of Integrated Kinetic Energy in Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
Diagnosing Tropical Cyclone Risk Through the Development of a Landfall Index for the North Atlantic Basin
Surface and Atmospheric Boundary Layer Responses to Diurnal Variations of Sea Surface Temperature in an NWP Model