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Victorian War Correspondents G.A. Henty and H.M. Stanley
Ending Oppression and Establishing Justice
Ablest Man in the British Army"
Rise and Fall of a Revolutionary
In the Company's Secret Service
National Confusion over the Issues of the English Restoration
Protest at the Pyramid
Bourbon, Pork Chops, and Red Peppers
Men on "Iron Ponies," the Death and Rebirth of the Modern U.S. Cavalry
Rebel Sovereigns
Meta-Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies for Personality
Early Detection And Follow-up Of The Highly Obscured Type Ii Supernova 2016ija/dlt16am
Genetic Association Between Personality and Major Depression or Bipolar Disorder. A          Polygenic Score Analysis Using Genome-wide Association Data
Transverse Energy Production And Charged-particle Multiplicity At Midrapidity In Various Systems From Root S(nn)=7.7 To 200 Gev