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When Do Opportunity Costs Count?
Hypertension in Florida
Marine Spatial Planning Makes Room For Offshore Aquaculture In Crowded Coastal Waters
Marine spatial planning makes room for offshore aquaculture in crowded coastal waters.
Population variation in the trophic niche of the Trinidadian guppy from different predation regimes.
Fluoxetine exposure during adolescence increases preference for cocaine in adulthood.
Evolution of the Material Properties of Mineralized Dental Tissues
Effect of Tactile Markers on Intonation and Posture of Beginning Violin and Viola Students
Origins of the Greenland shark ()
Integrin-mediated Traction Force Enhances Paxillin Molecular Associations And Adhesion Dynamics That Increase The Invasiveness Of Tumor Cells Into A Three-dimensional Extracellular Matrix
Integrin-mediated traction force enhances paxillin molecular associations and adhesion dynamics that increase the invasiveness of tumor cells into a three-dimensional extracellular matrix.
Population Variation In The Trophic Niche Of The Trinidadian Guppy From Different Predation Regimes
investigation of indirect effects of personality features on anorexia nervosa severity through interoceptive dysfunction in individuals with lifetime anorexia nervosa diagnoses
Promoter Interactome Of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-derived Cardiomyocytes Connects Gwas Regions To Cardiac Gene Networks
Measurement Of The Beam Asymmetry Sigma For Pi(0) And Eta Photoproduction On The Proton At E-gamma=9 Gev
Biomass offsets little or none of permafrost carbon release from soils, streams, and wildfire
Platelet Function Is Modified By Common Sequence Variation In Megakaryocyte Super Enhancers
Platelet function is modified by common sequence variation in megakaryocyte super enhancers.
Increased Genetic Vulnerability to Smoking at CHRNA5 in Early-Onset Smokers
Genome-wide association study identifies 74 loci associated with educational attainment.