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International Conflict and the Strategic Selection of Foreign Policy Advisors
This Way Please
Essays on Power, Resolve and International Conflict
Third-Party Peace Enforcement and Civil War Termination Bargaining
Credible Commitment Institutions and Foreign Direct Investment
Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions and Cultural Globalization
Beyond Bouazizi
Reassessing Russian Warlordism
Audience Costs and the Domestic Public
Three Essays on Crisis Bargaining
Essays on Violent Conflicts
Effects of Co-Ethnic Refugees on International Conflict, Repression, and Domestic Terrorism
Transnational Ethnic Linkages, Bias, and Conflict Intervention
Bickering Brass
Role of International Alliances in Civil War Onset
Bring the Pain
Strategic Bombardment as an Obstacle to Strategic Airpower
Scapegoats No More the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps, British Myths and Cover Ups, and the Battle of the Lys
Ramzan Kadyrov
Russian Military Logistical Problems
Schlieffen, Politics, and Strategy
Rebel Capability and Civil War Severity
U.S. Foreign Policy Toward North Korea's Nuclear Development
Designing Victory on the Civil War’s Sea
From State Foreign Policy to Strategic Interaction
Bilateral Trade and Conflict
Terrorism, Provocation, and Mobilization
Party Politics and Legislative Party Switching
Participation Matters
Development and Consequences of Heterogeneous Beliefs about Military Power and Supremacy
Explaining Urban Social Unrest and Violent Civil Conflict
Disaggregating Financial Liberalization
Future of Indo-China Relations
Bridge to Victory
Applied Predictive Modeling for Measurement and Inference in International Conflict and Political Violence
Milner Legacy
Gimme Shelter
Violent Conflict and Institutional Change
Europa and the Bull
Who Recognizes?