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New Students' Peer Integration and Exposure to Deviant Peers
Internalizing Symptoms, Peer Substance Use, and Substance Use Initiation.
Early Sexual Initiation and Mental Health
Risk Factors for Substance Misuse and Adolescents' Symptoms of Depression.
Young Adult Outcomes and the Life-Course Penalties of Parental Incarceration
Here and Gone
Social Exclusion and Parental Incarceration Impacts on Adolescents’ Networks and School Engagement
Transcending Beyond the Schoolyard
Code of the Street and Inmate Violence
Prison Visitation and Recidivism
In Search of an Attentive Public and Involvement in the Anti-Trafficking Movement
Reconsidering the Effect of Informal Labeling on Adolescent Delinquency
Prison Plus
Punishment and Privatization
Residential Mobility and Desistance from Crime and Substance Use during the Transition to Adulthood
Depression, Fear, and Hopelessness
Prison Experiences, Social Ties, and Inmate Behavior
Becoming the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are
Juvenile Court and Contemporary Diversion
Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children’s Health into Young Adulthood