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Boundary layer structure over and around the Gulf of Mexico
Characterization of Errors in Various Moisture Roughness Length Parameterizations
Modeling Streamflow Using Gauge-Only versus Multi-Sensor Rainfall
Characteristics of Decaying Storms during Lightning Cessation at Kennedy Space Center          and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Trends in Maximum and Minimum Temperature Deciles in Select Regions of the United          States
Hurricane Surface Wind Model for Risk Management
Development and Validation of an Instrument to Evaluate Science Teachers' Assessment          Beliefs and Practices
Attitudes and Beliefs of a Female Science Teacher
Development of a Florida High-Resolution Multisensor Precipitation Dataset for 1996-2001 -- Quality Control and Verification
Role of Diabatic Potential Vorticity during Hurricane Genesis
Broadband Solar Irradiances Measured on Fixed and Stabilized Platforms
Developing a Parameter for Forecasting Tornadoes in Landfalling Tropical Cyclones
Dynamical Variability of Tropospheric Ozone during Indoex
Footprint of the Dynamical Amplifier of Global Warming and Attribution of Models' Uncertainties
Observed Changes in the Atmospheric Surface Layer during Prescribed Agricultural Burns
Gender Equity and Equality on Korean Student Scientists
Intercomparison of Mean Areal Precipitation from Gauges and a Multisensor Procedure
Validation of the FSU/COAPS Climate Model
Diagnosis of the Marine Stratocumulus Cloud Variablity in the Annual Cycle over the Eastern Tropical Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
Developing Gridded Forecast Guidance for Warm Season Lightning over Florida Using the Perfect Prognosis Method and Mesoscale Model Output
Developing Empirical Lightning Cessation Forecast Guidance for the Kennedy Space Center
Evaluating Operational and Newly Developed Mesocyclone and Tornado Detection Algorithms          for Quasi-Linear Convective Systems
Fine Resolution Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) for the Black Sea with a New Solar Radiation Penetration Scheme
Warm Season Mesoscale Superensemble Precipitation Forecasts
How Can Students Use the Potential of Technology and the Internet in an Elementary Science Club as the Conduit for Conducting Scientific Inquiry?
Carbon Exchange Variability over Amazon Basin Using Coupled Hydrometeorological-Mixed Layer PBL-CO2 Assimilation Modeling System Forced by Satellite-Derived Surface Radiation & Precipitation
Untangling the Satellite Estimated Aerosol Indirect Effect
Development of a High-Resolution Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Model and Applications Toward Understanding the Limiting Factors          for Tropical Cyclone Intensity Prediction