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Unmarried Mothers' Postnatal School Enrollment
Informal Support Among Low-income Mothers
Employment Among Unaccompanied Women Experiencing Homelessness
Psychological Distress Among Low-income Mothers
Field Training Experiences Of Child Welfare Workers
From Classroom to Caseload
Learning, Negotiating, and Surviving in Child Welfare
Satisfactions and Stressors Experienced by Recently-hired Frontline Child Welfare Workers
Me, Myself, and I
Training for Reentry
Effects of Degree Type, the Integration Process, and External Factors on Degree Completion for Mothers in College
Environmental Sprawl and Weight Status
Sex Crime in America
Income-Based Differences in Employed Women's Use of Non-Maternal Childcare
Unraveling the Age, Prison Misconduct, and Recidivism Relationship
Sex Crime and Punishment
"It's Really Overwhelming"
Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying in Childhood and Young Adulthood
Lower Glass Ceiling
Role of Gene-Environment Correlations during Early and Middle Childhood
Aging Inmate Crisis
Prison Plus
Latinx College Student Narratives of Familism and College Persistence
Punishment and Privatization
Emotion Regulation Process in Parents
Mechanism of Ageism
Toward a New Understanding of Intimate Partner Violence
Role of Mindfulness and Acceptance on the Life Satisfaction of Gender, Racial, and Sexual Minorities
Prison Experiences, Social Ties, and Inmate Behavior
Help-Seeking Attitudes and Behaviors of Graduate Psychology Students
Aging Out of Foster Care with Disabilities
Kids Are Alright…but Are the Parents?