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Eye movements and parafoveal processing during reading in Korean
Accuracy of Regressions during Reading
Can Alcohol Placebos Improve Performance?
Alcohol Intoxications Effects on Visual Search for Single-Feature and          Conjunctive-Features Targets
Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Effortful Control
Role of Parafoveal Information in Rapid Letter Naming
Predictability and the Parafoveal Preview Effect in Younger and Older Adults
Is Word Shape Still in Poor Shape for the Race to the Lexicon?
Association Between Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms, Impairment, and Oculomotor Performance in a Non          Referred College Sample
Parallel Word Processing during Reading &the Influence of Context
Multi-Level Analysis of Attentional Biases in Abstinent and Non-Abstinent Problem Drinkers
Activation and Long-Term Memory of Predictive Inferences