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Challenges Raising a Gifted Child
Counseling Gifted Children in Singapore
Gifted Rating Scales-School Form
Gifted Rating Scales-Preschool/Kindergarten Form
Identifying Young Gifted Children Using the Gifted Rating Scales-Preschool/Kindergarten Form.
Validation of the Gifted Rating Scales-School Form in China.
Reliability and Validity of a Spanish Translated Version of the Gifted Rating Scales.
Differentiating Two Types of Juvenile Sex Offenders
Assessing the Relationship Among Models for Diagnosing Specific Learning Disabilities
ADHD Coaching and College Students
Development of the Eating Behaviors and Attitudes Inventory (EBAI)
Accuracy of Teacher Ratings in Predicting Cognitive Ability and Achievement
Examining Two Doors to the Community College Presidency
Initial Development of a Procedural Guide for Implementing Response to Intervention with Gifted Elementary School Students
Gender Differences in Post-Trauma Symptoms and Trauma-Related Treatment Referrals in Juvenile Offenders
Methodology Review of Research on Teachers' Perceptions of Creative and Gifted Students
Relation of Theory of Intelligence to Academic Motivation and Academic Outcomes
Effects of a Brief Character Strengths Intervention
Examination of the Motivation for Learning of Gifted and Non-gifted Students as It Relates to Academic Performance
Association Between Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms, Impairment, and Oculomotor Performance in a Non          Referred College Sample
Exploring the Art Therapist’s Perspective of Working with Victims of Disaster
Social-Emotional Adjustment, Subjective Well-Being, and Emotional Intelligence in Youth
Reading Comprehension Ability among College Students with ADHD
Self-Esteem and Locus of Control
Long-Term Effects of Peer Victimization
Psychological and Suicidal Distress among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual College Students
Stress Appraisal, Perceived Controllability, and Coping Function of Youth Volleyball Players
Understanding High-Risk Drinking in College Students
Perfectionism and Interpersonal Theory of Suicide
Shifting the Mental Health Gatekeeper Paradigm on University Campuses
Preliminary Examination of the Psychometric Properties of the Pfeiffer Emotional Intelligence Scale
Relationship Between Anger Rumination and Aggression in Childhood
Warfighters of Today
Validation of the Spanish Version of the Gifted Rating Scales
Preliminary Validation of the Eating Behaviors and Attitudes Inventory (EBAI)
Randomized Pilot Study of Motivation Enhancement Therapy to Increase Utilization of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Social Anxiety
Multidimensional View of Language and Literacy Development
Psychological Predictors of Career Maturity in College Student-Athletes
Climbing to the Top
Qualitative Examination of Factors Influencing Parents' Decision Making Process When Choosing or Rejecting Recommended Services for Their Child Following a Diagnosis          of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Emotional Intelligence in Professional Psychology Doctoral Students
Relationships Among Negative Career Thoughts, Profile Elevation, Differentiation, Career Decidedness, and Satisfaction with          Choice
Impact of Greek Life Membership on Vocational Identity, Career Self-Efficacy, and Goal Instability of College          Students
Impact of Perceived Social Support on Event Stressfulness, Core Beliefs Disruption, and Posttraumatic Growth in College Students
College Experience of Gifted Emerging Adults
Mothers and Fathers of Invention