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Understanding Socioeconomic Status' Relationship to Education
Female and Male Adolescents' Subjective Orientations to Mathematics and the Influence          of Those Orientations on Postsecondary Majors
Ni De Aquí, Ni De Allá
Perceptions Matter: How Schools Can Enhance Underrepresented Students’ Resilience on the Rocky Path to College
Perceptions and Resilience in Underrepresented Students' Pathways to College
Perceived Mathematical Ability under Challenge
Engagement, Persistence, and Gender in Computer Science
Student-Faculty Interaction in the First Year of College
Students' Application of Leadership Learning Through Reflection
Haciendose un Líder
Ripples…It Shaped Me to Be a Leader
Effects of Race to the Top on Students' Science Achievement
Student Diversity in Higher Education
Perceptions of Personalization for Academic and Social-Emotional Learning in High Schools
Education as Feminism for Nontraditional Aged Women Receiving Pell Grants
Bridge Inspection
Embodied Scholar-Activism
Ella Creyó Que Podía, Así Que Lo Hizo
Black Women in White Coats
Exclusivity through Challenge
Examining the Self-Efficacy of High-Achieving First Generation College Students
African American and Latino Student Enrollment Trends Following the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007
Retaining Students Through First-Year Experience Courses
Internationalization in Student Affairs in the United States from 1951 to 1996
Pursuing STEM and Related Careers
Performance Funding and Higher Education Administrators
Concept of Quality in Cambodian Teacher Training
Are 2-Year Colleges the Key? Institutional Variation and the Gender Gap in Undergraduate STEM Degrees