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Incidence of Sport Injury in Collegiate Female Athletes Across the Four Phases of the Menstrual Cycle
Modification of Perceived Enjoyment, Exertion and Performance Among Novice and Experienced Exercisers
Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding the Menstrual Cycle, Oral Contraceptives, and Sport Performance
Athletic Participation and Its Effect on the Eating Behaviors of College Women
Relationships of Life Stressors and Perceptions About Tutorial Services in          Student-Athletes
Comparison of Coping Strategies
Effects of Selected Exercise Modalities on Stress, Anxiety, and Depression          Responses in the Elderly
After-Exercise Shower
Causal Ascriptions and Emotional Attachments
Relationship Between Physical Self-Concept, Body Image Dissatisfaction and Competition Anxiety in Female "Aesthetic" and "Non-Aesthetic" Collegiate          Athletes
Effect of Telic/Paratelic Dominance and Task Condition on Motor Performance, Affect, Telic/Paratelic State, and Self-Efficacy
Identification of Collective Bargaining Issues for the Korea Baseball Organization
Psychological Factors in Perceived and Sustained Effort