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Differential Item Functioning Analyses for Mixed Response Data Using IRT          Likelihood-Ratio Test, Logistic Regression, and Gllamm Procedures
Robustness of Hierarchical Linear Model Parameter Estimates under Violations of          Second-Level Residual Homoskedasticity and Independence Assumptions
Multilevel 2PL Item Response Model Vertical Equating with the Presence of Differential          Item Functioning
Demonstration of the Three-Level Hierarchical Generalized Linear Model Applied to Educational Research
Effect of Format and Language on the Observed Scores of Secondary-English Speakers
Relationship Between Span of Control and School Performance in Selected High and Low Achieving Public Elementary Schools in Florida
Culture, Control and Age
Application of Hierarchical Generalized Linear Modeling (HGLM) Techniques for Investigation into the Effects of Comingling Delinquent and Non-Delinquent Youth in          Juvenile Justice Prevention Programs in Florida
Random-Effect Differential Item Functioning via Hierarchical Generalized Linear Model and Generalized Linear Latent Mixed Model